Climatic tests

By simulating the weather conditions (heat, cold, humidity, etc.) that electronic cards may encounter over time, the resistance of the cards to this environmental stress is observed.

Vibration tests

Electronic cards are tested under certain frequency and temperature conditions in order to simulate the vibration factors that these will be exposed to over time and to observe the resistance of the cards to these factors.

Thermal shock tests

In order to observe the sudden temperature effects on electronic cards, tests are applied at the number of cycles determined in thermal shock cabinets.

Micro-section analysis

In order to verify the soldering process, which is one of the most important issues in PCBA production, micro-sections are taken from certain regions on the electronic card and the solders in these sections are analyzed according to IPC-A-610. At the same time, this analysis is used to analyze the quality of the holes on the PCB according to IPC-A-600.

Whiskers analysis

Thin fringes (whiskers) formed in the soldering of the elements in PCBA, depending on the humidity and temperature conditions they are exposed to over time, cause these elements to be short-circuited and the electronic card to not work according to its purpose. With this analysis, electronic cards are examined with the help of electron microscopy after aging under conditions that cause whisker formation.

Ionic contamination analysis

Ions deposited on electronic boards can cause major problems such as electrochemical migration (ECM), corrosion, parasitic leaks and dendrite growth. For this reason, this analysis is applied in order to determine the level of ionic contamination on electronic cards.

Shear and pull tests

Various shear and pull tests are applied in order to test the soldering quality and strength of the circuit elements in the electronic cards.

Delamination analysis

This analysis is applied to detect delamination occurring in electronic cards and elements with non-destructive methods. Acoustic microscopes are mostly used in these analyzes.

X-ray analysis

X-Ray analysis is applied to detect defects such as voids and short circuits in invisible solders, especially in bottom-terminated components and BGA package type, with non-destructive methods.

Photometric measurements

Measurements are made with an integrating sphere in order to measure the flux of the LEDs and light sources on the electronic cards and to verify their functionality.

Functional tests

After the PCBAs are subjected to tests under certain conditions, tests are carried out to see whether these tests affect the functionality of the component.